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Passport Document Service 06/23/2013









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Chinese Embassy will send someone to Columbia to do an on-site Chinese passport/travel document service on 6/23/2013, If you are interested, please read the following carefully:

When: Sunday, 6/23/2013, from 9:30am to 11:30am. If you are interested in the service, please sign up by e-mailing back attached Excel file Passport-TravelDocumenJun2013.xls (26 KB, 下载次数: 749) with your information to as soon as possible (first come, first serve). We will compile a list and send you a confirmation around 20th. We cannot guarantee the service if your name is not on the list or you are late. If you e-mailed me the information file but did not get a confirmation by 21st, please contact me again then.

Where: LeConte (Math Dept), Room 412, on USC campus. Street address: 1532 Greene Street, Columbia , SC 29208 . Here is the USC map link: ... no&data=COSM012

Parking: Since it will be on a Sunday morning, find a parking space on USC campus should not be a problem.

How: Visa office has posted 外地办证 on embassy’s website and here is the link:

Please read and prepare your application accordingly. In particular:
1)Many applications were rejected because of unsatisfied pictures. Do not assume that pictures taken from places with passport photo service will automatically be fine. Read and follow三(一)2 of 外地办证 and tell the photo service exactly what is needed.

2) Have your application and all supporting documents ready and organized. Time will be tight. Here is the link for the application form:

3) The service is to validate your application so you don't need to go to DC in person, Therefore, the money order is not needed for the service. However, if you plan to mail approved application right away (a good idea), you may want to have the money order and other mailing material ready (see四 of 外地办证).

4) It is fine to mail applications together. However, if one of the applications is delayed for whatever reasons, it will delay the mailing back of all applications in the package.

Service Fee: To cover the associated cost, we need to collect a service fee as following: $10 per application for students with a valid ID and $15 per application for others. The fee is nonrefundable. Cash payment is preferred.

Thank you.


PS. Sorry but they do not do on-site visa service for US passport holders who are going to visit China.
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